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My name is Mira Knott and I'm the author of the Knott Studio.
I am based in Port Hope, Canada.
Here is my story.



Port Hope | Ontario


I am based at Port Hope, Canada. But I am more then willing to travel in Ontario.
Discovering my beautiful town and nature of Ontario is my big priority right now.
I believe that you do not need to travel far to see something amazing. I just want to value where I am and show how beautiful it is. Ontario is full of incredible places and I am on a hunt for the scenery. 
I also love my little town of Port Hope and Northumberland County. My town is small but it  can surprise you. It has amazing architecture, history and lovely people. I would like to share the beautiful pictures of my town and the area because I think it is important to love where you live and to cherish it.


What am I all about

the feeling | the memory

Let me tell a little about what I'm all about. I am not another photographer to just get the job done.  I am not just another travelling photographer on a hunt for super emotional images by the ocean or most iconic scenic places. Yes, emotions are beautiful and epic nature is wonderful to capture. But I believe that there is something more then that. Why not try to achive something that is uniqely and only  about you.
I strive to see not just with my camera but with my heart and I want to be your friend and not just a professional service. I want to be there for you, understand you and capture your story in it's own beautiful way.

Let's create something beautiful together, something real and truly yours.
With love,




art | calligraphy

I am not just another wedding photographerbecause I do many things. Like calligraphy, design and illustrations. I have been an artist as long as I can remeber myself and proffesionally for the past 4 years. My passion is to design, draw and calligraph beautifl things. Especially for the wedding I love creating wedding stationery. You can see here more of my work and my calligraphy instagram here. I love to help couples making things fit together, work well and look stunning in a unique way for their wedding.