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Terms & Conditions

This is a little preview of what you will see in my contract. All these terms are stated in my contract in more formal language. Here I just want you to see what to expect and read it as if I was telling you these things before we get to all the serious paperwork. =)
And I am always here for you if you have more questions!


To reserve your wedding date,  I need  20% deposit. This books your date solid in my calendar. The deposit is non-refundable but if you ever need to change the date you don't need to pay a second deposit.

The rest of the payment  I ask to pay a week before your wedding. This way you don't need to worry about it during your wedding day or honeymoon.


If you also want an engagement session you don't need to put down a deposit for it. You just pay the same week of the session or some time before. Only thing I might ask for at a specific time is to cover my transportation if we are going somewhere far.


Creative discount is available for anyone who wants it. Basically you pay the cheaper price if you are cool with your photos being on my portfolio and social media. I also submit some photos to contests and magazines. If you want your photos absolutely private you pay the full price. This way I am compensated on potential marketing your photos would have brought for me otherwise. If you want the discount but just don't want to be tagged on the photos thats fine I can do that. 


I don't book any dates until I meet you in person or over video call. This way I know you are a real person (and not a scammer) and we get to hang out. 


If I suspect any illegal activity from a potential client (like if I think you might be a scammer) I have a right to revoke the contract, abandon any agreements and report the suspicion to the authorities. Yes this happened before. That is why I want to meet you and see that you are a real bride and groom and not a scammer behind the screen somewhere.


Any permits or fees associated with photoshoot locations are not included in the invoice and must be covered and provided by the client. Basically if your venue has a special fee for photography it is something I would ask you to take care of. The same applies to certain locations for photoshoots. But don't worry. I will help you figure this all out and won't simply abandon you to figure out photography fees to your dream location for engagement session.


I don't include transportation fees in my packages. I calculate that individually depending where your wedding/engagement session will take place. This fee will depend on my discretion. I check the gas, weather conditions and anything that can influence the cost for me getting to you. 


If the day goes crazy and I work over 12 hours I require that covered at my hourly rate which is $80 per hour. But I also do my best to plan the timing together with you so you wont have to worry about this. 


If clients are over 1 hour late for an engagement session (or any session) at location that is 40min and over away from Port Hope I reserve the right to either leave or charge the extra hour per my hourly rate. Clients can choose weather photographers are to leave or pay the extra hour for waiting. I plan my shoots for specific time for a reason. Particularly for the right sun light. If you are late we loose the light and I can't deliver what you might expect. But lets plan together so that this doesn't happen.



All edited photos will be delivered to you within 10-12 weeks. I try to get them sooner than that but during busy wedding season it does take time to edit your photos. I try to take enough time to give them my full attention. So if you feel like you are waiting for a bit I am not trying to just hold them away from you. Your waiting because I am working hard day and night to deliver you the best product. But I also give a good teaser of your photos within the first 2 weeks after your wedding day so you wont be empty handed.


I do not give unedited photos. I believe that a lot of the magic is in the edited photos. I have put a lot of education, investment, equipment and time to create that magic for you. If you wish to have the RAW files I do have a fee of $1000 for those and you would have to sign another contract. This contract insures that you or anyone else will not edit these photos.


Creative styling of photos is defined by me as your photographer. I haven't had anyone complain about my editing style but if you dont like something you can let me know after you receive your teaser and I will take that into account. 


As I edit I do not provide extra "photoshopping". I do a lot of retouching while I edit already. Retouching is touching up the skin tone, correcting little skin imperfections like blemishes ( yes pimples too don't worry ). I take out the distractions that I can like a bird flying over your head or a random car in the background. Something small enough. But I can't take a whole buillding out or make you look "younger, thiner". You are beautiful the way you are =)
I do like retouching the skin so don't worry your photos will be edited and you will have pretty skin on close ups. I just want you to know I do not add or create something that isn't there, not real or unnatural. I only improve and highlight what is already there. 


Photographers are not responsible for missed shots due to interference or miscommunication. I do a lot of prep work with you ahead of time so that this doesn't happen. We create lists of things you expect together and talk a lot about expectations. But if something  unexpected happens or I wasn't warned about certain shot, I can't be responsible for missing a shot I wasn't warned about.

Don't worry I do a lot of communication with you ahead of time so we are on the same page and know what to expect.


If the client decides to have their photos private after the wedding (discharge the creative discount) appropriate fees will apply. Client must pay thedifference and $300 fee for breaking this agreement. I reserve the right to keep 100 non-portraits (decor, florals, pictures where you cant see faces) photos for my portfolio.



Feeding your photographer. If you book Basic package you don't have to feed me but please let me know so I can bring a snack =)
If you book a Classic package you do need to feed me at least once. If I bring an assistant you also need to provide a meal for them. I will let you know ahead of time if I am bringing an assistant.


Photographers do not work together with relatives or friends of the clients who want to take photos even if they are professionals. Basically if your aunt or uncle wants to bring their camera and take photos thats fine. I will probably end up hanging out with them and we will have fun. But if your relative/friend will jump in front of me during your first kiss or something similar I take no responsibility for a missed shot. I work hard at communicating with people involved with your wedding ( videographer, coordinator, other vendors) during the day to ensure I serve you best while working with others who are hopefully doing the same.  I am great team player and usually get along with everyone and have fun working for you with rest of your vendors. But if something unexpected happens I can't take responsibility for everyones actions.


In case of a sexual or verbal harassment I reserve a right to give a two point warning. If the warnings do not work I have a right to leave the event.  But don't worry I am a big girl with Smart Serve and now how to handle fun guests if occasion happens. This is part of my contract as I still have a right to protect myself if such situation occurs.


If you can credit me in your online posts on social media that would be of a great help for me. This is how I grow my business and get more couples to reach me. 


Clients are not permitted to redistribute photos to other professionals without photographers approval. If you want to pass on the photos to another vendor for their portfolio that's not a problem at all. I just ask to let me know first. I work a lot with other vendors so I might even do that myself and help you out. 


Clients are not permitted to sell photos. That's just it =)

Clients can not apply filters and edits on photos by Knott Studio or get other professionals to edit photos by Knott Studio. It's like you don't put a filter on a painting of famous artist. My work is my art and I work really hard on it so  I just ask to preserve it the way I created it.



If something awful like another lockdown and crazy restrictions happen again I will do my best to help you. If you have to cancel your currently booked date and book another date I will be there for you as long as I am available. I still can't give back the deposit because it is non-refundable per my contract. These deposits help me run my business and I simply can't pull them out after your investment.


If you cancel your wedding and decide to elope I will help you do that as long as I am available.



Thats it! Yay you made it through!

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