Daniel and Rebecca

Hottest and sunniest day, lots of tacos, beer, wine, crazy dancing and and laughter.
Wedding of Daniel and Rebecca is very special to me because I grew up with Daniels family. He is the oldest out of 5 kids of Slade family who are like my own family. I grew up being best friends with his youngest sister and my oldest sister was best friends with Daniel and his sister Hannah. Fun, I know. So basically this family is pretty important for me. 
When we were driving to the pictures location Daniel kept turning around to me saying "This is so weird Vladia (thats my real Ukranian name)" its so weird cause Im like the baby sister and now I am telling him how are we gonna do his wedding photos.

My favourite part of this wedding day is the super fun dance party at the end of reception. I felt like I was jumping and dancing with everyone as well. The bride and the groom danced their head offs. Very special dancers where Daniels siblings his sisters and brother which is something you have gotta see. 


Brother of the groom made his epic entry before his dad held a speech. He was dancing to an old goofy christian song " Shine Jesus Shine" that the DJ had put for the father of the groom ( he is a church pastor ) and so did the guests and bride and groom

Big sister of the groom