My name is Mira Knott and I want to make magic.

I'm a stranger from a different land. 

I am based in Cobourg, Ontario.

The magician behind the lens

I'm a stranger in a foreign land and a guest in my homeland. I was born and raised in Ukraine - country with an ancient culture and history.

I am inspired by its folklore, stories, love of freedom.

My roots have been inspiring me. 


I learned to take photos when I was at university studying to become a journalist. I didn't like the idea of telling exciting news that were often lies. But I loved the magic of stories from my literature and fine art classes.   

I wanted to make something inspiring and encouraging - an escape from the daily ordinary life.


I learnt color and composition by watching movies. Fantasy and  romantic comedies, Disney and Marvel, shows based on my favourite books, historical dramas.. They all taught me how to tell a story and constantly inspire me. 


I rely highly on my intuition. I stand firmly in my faith. 


I'm a romantic at heart who wants to be a wizard.



And what about my dogs??

More about my love for animals and about me on the blog

Those puppy photos