My name is Mira Knott and I'm the author of the Knott Studio.
I am based in Port Hope, Ontario.

About Mira

My favourite colour is blue. All shades of it. You can tell as soon as you walk into my house. I'm currently trying to add more greens and gold.


I have been an artistic lost soul ever since I was a kid. It started by drawing on the walls in my room. 


I based my wedding around my favourite movie - Father of the Bride. My wedding was in my parents backyard. I cried the day before. My wedding cake was broken. It poured. It was fun!


I'm a graphic designer and a woodburning artist.


I was born and raised in Ukraine. Moved to Canada cause I fell in love with a lumberjack. Okay, well he doesn't like me to call him that. But my husband does make my furniture and plays a guitar. I fell in love with him while listening to him play.


I get my inspiration from old movies. Especially the ones based in New York. Or any movies really. 


I have two cats and a dog and I'm a little obsessed with them. A dachshund ( aka sausage dog) names Mei. And brother and sister cats Finn and Luiz. I absolutely love animals.


I have a garden. 


I have 10 ideas before breakfast.