My name is Mira Knott and I want to make magic.

I'm a stranger from a different land. 

I am based in Cobourg, Ontario.

The magician behind the lens

I'm a stranger in a foreign land and a guest in my homeland. I was born and raised in Ukraine - country with an ancient culture and history.

I am inspired by its folklore, stories, love of freedom.


I learned to take photos when I was at university studying to become a journalist.

I loved the magic of stories from my literature and fine art classes.   

I wanted to make something inspiring and encouraging - an escape from the daily ordinary life.


I learnt color and composition from cinematography.  

I believe that romance is not something cheesy you see in movies. It's your deep connection to the world, your roots and people around you.

Romance is in the little moments that represent bigger story.

It's an honour to tell people's story.


Some things that I like...

I love dogs, cats, donkeys all animals really. I believe they teach us empathy. I'm a bit of dog trainer and dachshund breeder.

Painting, woodburning and cooking are my little hobbies.

I love movies. Tim Burton movies, Miyazaki, The Witcher books and series. Im a fantasy nerd.

Love hugging my family. Dancing for fun, camping, hiking.



And what about my dogs??

More about my love for animals and about me on the blog

Those puppy photos