How long have you been a photographer?

9 years! I started when I was 18 as a photojournalist. My friends wedding photographers noticed my portraiture work and offered to shoot along their side on some of their weddings. I have been into capturing loving couples ever since. 

How do we book you for our day?

Once you have seen the packages I offer you select the one you would like. See my terms and conditions and let me know if you have any questions or special requests. We can set up a meeting in person to talk about the details or chat over email, phone call or Skype. Then I send you a contract and require a 20% deposit  to ensure that I mark off your day in the calendar for you.
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How and when will we receive our photos?

I aim to deliver the best quality of your photos in the best time. I take time to edit your photos.
On the day of the shoot I give a few photos to my couple right away. The following week I edit some of the highlights of the day and send them a teaser series. Which is around 30-40 photos. I understand how newlyweds are excited to see how they day went and it is my desire to help them celebrate by giving them photos in the shortest terms.
After 4-8 weeks from the wedding I send rest of the edited photos in an online gallery. It's a gorgeous thing! Your photos are downloadable and printable right from the gallery. I also send you a little surprise and if you want - a usb stick. 

How many pictures do you take at a wedding?

The quantity depends on the package and honestly on the wedding itself. It's unique for every wedding. But I promise to deliver plenty and not hold anything back. I don't charge extra per picture like some photographers do I give all your memories that I managed to capture.

Do you do prints, albums?

Absolutely! In your online gallery you have a print shop. It's very easy to print your photos right from the gallery. The prints get delivered to you and are done in the best quality. It's not like printing at Costco or Walmart. Your gallery prints are done through professional photo labs that are available exclusively to photographers. The quality is awesome and the money you pay for it supports local business which is great, right?

Albums are also included in your gallery. Some packages include albums too. Or you can ask me personally and I will get you started with that.

Do you give unedited photos?

I do not give the raw pictures. I leave out any blinks, blurs and weird faces, or things that just don’t feel right and select all the best ones (which is a lot).

I believe that you don’t ask an artist to give you all the little drafts and sketches. You only ask for the final art piece right? What you pay for is a professional skill of creating, selecting and editing memories of your important day. I do not ever want to limit my couples with what I give them and I always try to give even more by giving some photos quite early. I give a lot of edited photos and I keep your raw photos as a back up for you. So if you ever lose your photos I will send them to you again with no extra charge.

What exactly you photograph on a wedding day? Do you have a list?

Most couples want to know what the wedding day photos actually look like. I can start from getting ready and end while your dancing your face off on the dance floor. It varies from wedding to wedding! Right here you can take a quick look at actual list of things that I can capture during your wedding day. Or feel free to look through any wedding on my blog!

We are very awkward when it comes to photos! Can you help us?

That's fine! One of the things I am known for is helping people to relax and essentially forget about the camera. My goal is to get you to have fun and focus on your loved ones. It's about making memories and not poses right? I will help you and walk you through the whole thing! You can also look at my blog post about no posing philosophy right here!

What do we wear for engagement photos/family session?

No worries I will help you to figure out what to wear. I have a guide that I will send you while we plan your session. This guide is designed to navigate colours and styles in different types of locations and weather conditions.

What type of locations do you use for photo sessions?

I try to make my sessions like a date for my couples (or quality time for families). I work with you to get to know what you like and what you like to do on a date. Location will depend on what kind of a time you would like to spend together ( and me third  wheeling you hehe). If you like outdoors we can go for a nice walk in the nature. We can go out to your favourite restaurant,  hang out in your backyard, make pancakes at your home or hang out with you and your dogs by the beach! Literally anything! 

Some couples just want me to pick something for them which is fine! I can totally plan something for you!

I have some pictures from Pinterest that I like, can you recreate them?

If you really like this one idea you saw on Pinterest I can look at it and think of it as a reference. Maybe I will even try to recreate it. But I can't copy exactly what you might show me but I can do my best to bring your vision to life. My goal is to find the best way to capture your day. My eyes are set to create a unique imagery that presents your day most beautifully. That is why you hire me. But if I try to recreate someone else's vision precisely it simply can wastes my talent and time of your precious day. 

Let's work together on this! Let me know what your dreams are and I will do my best to make them come true.

What if there is bad weather?

Embrace it! I am not scared of bad weather and I don't recommend it. I shoot in freezing cold and in extreme heat and in rain. The most important thing is that you are happy about your happy day and the rest will just be a great story. I will do my best to make you at most comfortable if the weather isn't perfect. But I can assure you that storms and rains make for unique photos!

If the weather is terrible enough to make everyone miserable ( and ruin my gear) yes we can reschedule.

Do you help with the planning process?

Oh yes! I have a whole guide and everything! And I am always available for your questions about the planning!

Do you photograph families?

Yes, I do! And I am good with kids! Or pets, or grandparents. :)

How early do you come on the wedding day? When do you leave?

It will depend on the package you choose and on the time we agree for me to come and live. One of my biggest things is to communicate your and my expectations. I want both of us to know what to expect and communicate clearly. Usually I come around getting ready and leave at the dance party unless we agree on some other time.

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