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How I do things

My vision is not about perfect pictures. It's about you and your story.

I am not the kind of person who just shows up and gets the work done (even though I could).

I seek connection. I love breaking stereotypes. I care about my couples and try to help them.

I capture feelings and things that are important for you.

People you love and all the the things that matter to you. 

The real stuff.

Unposed and undone by love.


So this is what I am all about

I am all about feelings. Not poses.

The no posing stuff

Just you being you is what creates the best photos. I don't force you to open up. In a way I am like your therapist. I listen and try to get to know you. I create an environment  where you are comfortable to be yourself. I follow your emotions and guide you through the session so you enjoy yourself. 


Making it about you

Your way

Everyone is different, that means there is something unique about you. I try to make things the way you want. Your wedding day is about your vision, your dreams, the love of your love.

Your way.
Not "have to" way


I am all about couples doing things their way. Design this day for you and not because your parents say "this is how you have to do it". This is your day. 
You only get one of these and you get to cherish it forever. 

It’s about you and not my portfolio

Your Story

In any session or at a wedding my goal is not to get the perfect shot for my portfolio. I want to document your day the way it is. I don’t interrupt it with my own vision because it's about yours. I will never force something upon you in order to follow my plan of perfect shots. It is about you and not me.

Let's plan together

Communication & Intention

My work with you is focused around getting to know your needs and helping you to plan.

There a little things we both can do that will go along way with your wedding planning. I put a lot of intention in getting to know how your day is planned so I could do my best in capturing it. I have a whole process of us communicating planned.


Lets get on the same page 

Some things you should know

My biggest wish for you is to have the right people on your side.  I don't want you to go with me just because you need a photographer. I want us to work together and get invested in your day together.
My ideal client gets excited about their photos and understands their value. These pictures are not just another thing to get done. It's the one thing that will last you past the wedding day. 

So my process to get your memories captured in the best way possible is not just about showing up the day of and getting it done. It'd about a continuous work and communication between you and me. 

my experience

Guidance & Support

My experience in the wedding world has helped me to gain perspective and learn a lot of things. Especially on how to make your life easier through this. I help you by guiding you with my knowledge. I was a bride once two I know all the things that you must be worried about. I am there to support you through it.

Let's get on the same page

Knowing what to expect

In the process you can get to know me a bit better. I do my best to explain my style of work, get to know you and understand your needs. We communicate and plan together.  This way we both know what to expect from each other. We create something great together. The experience is focused around that.


My goal is to capture what is the most important for you

When you walk down the aisle and your groom cries.

When your grandma hugs you.

When your dad makes that awkward joke in his speech and your face explodes from laughter.



This is me


My full name is very long
cause I come from a land far far away... Ukraine. 
So I go by Mira =)

I met my husband when I was interning as a graphic designer in Toronto. I never thought I would marry a Canadian and move to a foreign country. But here I am.

I started my photography business from an absolute scratch. I knew no one and no one knew me. As someone new to the country I had no connections. I am kinda proud that I have built my dream from nothing but hard work and my love for photography.

I love making things together with my husband from wood. He makes furniture and I wood burn. I also  draw pretty little illustrations and do some lettering. I have two cats Finn and Luiz. And also a dachshund Mei.


I love animals, training my dog, cooking, making mulled wine, crafting, decorating my home. I love hanging out and going on adventures with my couples.

Find out about me. And my cats


If you have questions make sure to see this page. And maybe ask me more questions!

The stuff

You probably want to find out some real numbers. So here you go

Say "Hello"

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