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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do you take to edit the photos?

I aim to deliver the best quality of your photos in the best time. I take time to edit your photos so they look perfect. But I try to not keep my couples in long waiting. On the day of the shoot I give one or two photos to my couple. The following week I edit some of the highlights of the day and send them a teaser series. Which is around 30-40 photos. I understand how newlyweds are excited to see how they day went and it is my desire to help them celebrate by giving them photos in the shortest terms.
After 4-8 weeks from the wedding I send or personally give them the rest of the edited photos.

How will we receive our photos?

You will receive your photos in our branded package. It will be a usb stick with your photos and a little surprise we have for you. We will mail you the package to the address that you must provide or give it to you in person.


Will I get all unedited photos as well?

I do not give all the raw pictures. I leave out any blinks, blurs and weird faces, or things that just don’t feel right and select all the best ones (which is a lot).

I believe that you don’t ask an artist to give you all the little drafts and sketches. You only ask for the final art piece right? What you pay for is a professional skill of creating, selecting and editing memories of your important day. I do not ever want to limit my couples with what I give them and I always try to give even more by giving some photos quite early. I give a lot of edited photos and I keep your raw photos as a back up for you. So if you ever lose your photos I will send them to you again with no extra charge.


Do you photograph families?

Currently I photograph couples that are inlove and weddings only.


I have some photos from Pinterest and Instagram that I like.
Can you recreate them?

Our goal is to find the best way to capture your day. Our eyes are set to create a unique vision that presents your day most beautifully. That is why you hire us. But if we try to recreate someone else's vision it simply can wastes our talent and time of your precious day. You don't ask an artist to copy other artist's work. You hire them to create their original art.
If you do have a few shots that you must have we can accommodate you. 

Do you have a second shooter?

We constantly work with other creatives. To our team we take only those who we have full confidence in and who we trust.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I think that your camera gear is important but that is not the only thing that makes photographer a good one. However I photograph with Canon 6D camera and have professional lenses from L series. 

What is a creative discount?

I understand that sometimes couples like to keep their special day private and not showcase it online. But for those who would like to share their happiness with the creative community and others we offer a discount.
Creative discount is a 30% discount that I offer if you allow me to demonstrate and feature your photos on my website as part of portfolio. Sometimes I send my favourite wedding photos to famous wedding blogs and websites like Junebug Weddings, Fearless Photographers, Minted and The Knott.
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How do we book you for our day?

Once you have seen the packages we offer select the one you would like. See our terms and conditions and let us know if you have any questions or special requests. We can set up a meeting in person to talk about the details or chat over email, phone call or Skype. Then we send you a contract and require a 10% deposit  to ensure that we mark off your day in the calendar for you.
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Do you travel?

Yes, I love to travel places. For destination wedding we require to cover the cost of travel and accommodation.
But if you are looking for an elopement or love story photoshoot in amazing location we offer special deals and discounts. We have a list of places where we would love to take you to or you can offer your dream location!

Do you have a list of photos that you take during the wedding day? Can we give you our list?

We do have list of must have shots for the wedding day. We want to make sure we capture all important moments.  We do not want to miss on anything you want so we included the list of things you want or not to cover. We are open to hear  your ideas and wishes for the day.

Have more questions?

Don't be shy! Feel free to ask.