The Art of Love and Purpose 

What brings you hope for the future.

Memories that make you feel warm.

Laughter that hurts your gut.


Your person. Your family.

Feelings over pretty things.



Artistic and timeless photography for couples deeply in love.

The Why 

I have been a photographer since 2014.

But this year my view at my job has completely and irreversibly changed. After a recent life changing event my perspective on weddings has changed. In a good way, I promise =)


Here is why...


In February 2022 my life changed completely. I found out that my home country Ukraine was under a full scale war.

My beloved parents, siblings, grandmother, niece and nephew and woman who raised me were hiding in the cellar because russians started bombing my homeland. 

My little brother watched the rockets fly over the house where I grew up.


I was scared if I will ever see them again. I still don't know if I will ever see my grandmother who wasn't able to leave.


In between phone calls in the middle of the night waiting to hear if they are okay, I searched my house for photos of my family and the house I grew up in.


I found a handful of polaroids from my wedding.

You know those simple and cheesy instax photos people often use for their guestbook. 

I was flipping through images and all I wanted was to see people who were at my wedding. Friends and family who I might not see again.


The photos of grandma, my college friends, my dear aunt,  my parents are the most precious thing I own. 


In the toughest time of my life I realized something. 


Art has no value without meaning.

Pretty things with out purpose are just.. pretty things.

They won't fill your heart.

But people and memories of them will. 

Nothing lasts.

You never know whats gonna happen.





Everything in my life has led me to creating something meaningful for others.

I believe that romance is not something cheesy you see in movies. It's your deep connection to the world, your roots and people around you.

Romance is in the little moments that represent bigger story.


My core and heart for weddings

 My years of experience have taught me that my work is not all about practical things. It's about what lies in the core, what comes from the heart. So here is my work and heart in a nutshell. Believe it or not but I use the same principle in my daily life.

I value my family, my friends. I dedicate my time to them.

I surround myself with art.

All of this gives my life and work purpose and meaning.


The Earth is just "eh" without art


I think life is too short to put it through a cookie cutter. I think of art like warm flames in a fireplace.

It's hypnotic to watch, it's timeless in it's ever changing form.

Art is light that feels like your most precious memories. Looking back at your photographs it can feel warm... Like tears or laughter, like spilled glass of champagne or child's cry.

I want you to look back and feel that.


Surround yourself with life giving art.

Created from your own story that has meaning for you.




The Adams family values


I've put the name of the movie above on purpose.

I believe that wedding is not just about the couple. It's about two families coming together. Having a family or starting a new one has its own purpose and meaning that I deeply respect.

Every person and family is unique and has their own set of values and their own stories. I like to get to know and understand my couples and their families so I can see what matters to them the most, who they love, what do they value.

This way I can tell the story in your way





Quality time over quantity


I am very intentional about my work,

my art and life.

Which is why I only take a limited amount of weddings per season. I love giving my couples attention and dedication that they deserve on their wedding day and leading up to it. 

Small amount of weddings allows for faster turnaround and more creative energy. 

My clients get the ultimate experience of working with someone who cares and has plenty of time for them. 





Local Wedding Venue Expert

Over the years I have worked with many wedding venues and I have grown found of a few places in particular. These wedding venues I know good enough to say I specialize in them. If you are looking for someone who knows the grounds well you have come to the right person. Knott Studio is on the preferred  vendors list at Penryn Park, Meadow View Gardens, Lake to Sky View Farm and the Mill Restaurant and Pub

See more wedding stories here

What I do for weddings

My Wedding packages start from $3000

  • Pre-wedding meeting and consultations - I help you to get organized and always support you.
  • In-person/facetime/coffee/wine/email – however you like! I put a lot of time and effort to get to know you and your needs. From day one you are my VIP!
  • Full or partial day coverage – flat fee
  • Custom coverage - I will calculate to your specific needs. Like elopement and small weddings.
  • High-resolution photographs – ready for print
  • Low-resolution photographs – ready for Social Media
  • Online slideshow 
and super awesome gallery. You can see how they look like here
  • Beautiful custom made albums - included in two of my packages
  • Online print store - support local business while getting greatest quality.
  • Drone photography 
Pricing guide and availability inquire here


Best way to show off your photos in the digital world


Slideshows is such a simple and beautiful way to showcase your photos. It's super easy to share your wedding day  with friends and family without downloading all the photos and scrolling endlessly. You can post a slideshow on social media with one simple link.

I absolutely love making slideshows. There is something magical in putting images with some music. It will make you and your loved ones cry I can promise you that. 

Here is a slideshow of a beautiful spring wedding of Jocelyn and Sean at their home just outside of Cobourg. 



Best way to show off your photos at your home



Imagine having some friends over and they want to see your wedding photos. Instead of looking through your hard drive, you have a beautiful custom made photobook on your coffee table. Everyone will pass the book around and " Oh my goodness! Your wedding photos are amazing!".

Don't leave your photos just laying around on your desktop or phone. Print them!
Every time you look at them you will be flooded with your happy memories. 

This is your little legacy. Timeless and precious.



Resources for you

If you are looking for a wedding vendor or need ideas I've got you.

Im happy to share my years of experience to help you plan the day of your dreams.