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this is me Mira 

Your friendly photographer | artist


Hi, I'm Mira.


My passion is to create legacy. Little footprints spread through out history.


Your legacy.


I believe that love will save us. Loving people make beautiful couples. They create marriages. Marriages create families and good families are a base of a good country, community. There is nothing cheesy about that. There is a lot of power in something as simple as a couple that's in love.
Love is the root of all good things.
That is what I chase and what I capture.


I love parents of the bride and groom. I listen carefully to your wishes. I make lists and a lot of them. 


But most important I take pictures of you and I am a good company. 



I'm based in Cobourg, Port Hope area. But I will come to you anywhere you are!


You can stalk me here