Creative approach to branding photography.

It's no longer about just beautiful imagery.
Branding photography is about reflecting your personality and
speaking to your audience.
 Your message. Your product.


As a fellow entrepreneur I can understand how much you can take care of your business.
I also know how to bring your brand identity alive through images that communicate your message.

So I am here to help you to take care of your work.

Let's do this.

Mira Knott
Your branding specialist
​Cobourg, Port Hope and beyond

Northumberland brands that trust Knott Studio

My approach

With my background in graphic design and working with brands, I know how important it is for the visuals to walk hand in hand with the brand message. I always try to keep a consistent look and feel throughout the brand's images. I want to make sure that the photos are moving with what the company stands for and tell a story. I use colours that already exist in the brand and set the tone of how you want your company to feel when presented to the public.


Visual representation that goes hand-in-hand with brand identity. Colors, tones, look and feel that speaks your message through out the images.






Pretty images are more than just images when they are telling a story. Every product you make or a person that stands behind the work has a story worth telling. 






In order to tell a story better I step back and try to see the bigger picture. To elevate your work I use creative tools and techniques. Unique approach  for people  that make unique things.





Stand out by communicating your brand in authentic and thoughtful way.

I use colours, composition and other photography magic to communicate look and feel of your company.

I believe that consistency is the key to building trust with your customer. Telling your story is an important aspect as well.

To make things interesting and evolve with time I use my creative problem solving approach to keep your content relevant.

My Services Include

Interior Photography

Artfully crafted interior images. My focus is on the client's needs, providing them with images that showcase beautiful homes in the best possible light. Commercial and residential projects. Perfect for airbnbs, interior design stores, private homes or anyone who wants to update images of their home. Aerial photography also available.

Professional Portraits

Headshots for your business, portfolio or resume. My portrait sessions are simple with high-quality results. In Studio or outdoors portraits. Lots of flexibility and consultations with styling and wardrobe. Portraits that will excite you and reflect your brand, your work.

Food Photography 

If you run a restaurant, coffee shop or even a food truck having fresh content to communicate and attract new clients is a great way to go. I absolutely love food and I am highly specialized in this area of photography. 

Product Photography

If you are crafting a special product it is important to show it to your customers in the best light possible. I can create photos that showcase your product with very specific goal in mind. Attract new customers, show product features, intrigue customers and more. Professional studio shots, creative photography to elevate your work and photos of your store display. 

to bring life to your vision

Branding Photography Services

Basic Visit

This one hour session is perfect to tackle one or two tasks.

A series of product shots or any other photography needs you may have. One hour is usually enough to refresh your photos or make something new and exciting.

1 hour session
50+ images

$200 per 1 hour

Advance Visit

To have a broader variety of images I recommend a two hour session. We can do product shots, customer interactions or take care of portraits of staff. This advance visit allows to get a few goals done.

2 hour session
70+  images


$375 per 2 hours


To keep up with fresh content, create seasonal ads and have enough images for all your marketing needs, branding subscription is a great option. If you sign the contract for branding subscription the price per sessions is reduced to $100 per hour with a minimum of 3 visits (1-2 hour visit at a time) per month.

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I would love to hear from you and all your wants and needs for your brand. 
Everyones story is different and unique. 

I want to cater towards your target demographic and work with your schedule.
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