Engagement Session on heritage walk of Port Hope

For engagement session of Carla and Josh we decided to go for a little date night. Well a date night for them and I was just a fancy third wheel as usual. A walk around historical Port Hope, some drinks at a local bar sounds like a perfect little date night.

I always love shooting in Port Hope and lately have been often taking the Heritage walking tour. This way my couple and I get to see all of the pretty parts of Port Hope while getting beautiful photos of the two of them. This might sound really touristy but I just love downtown Port Hope. It feels like an old movie and I never get tired of it's pretty little streets with old buildings.


We started at the Optimist Park and then walked though my favourite old street in Port Hope - John Street. We peaked into Carlyle Hotel. I love telling people that a lot of scenes from one of my favourite shows was shot right in front of it. My lovely couple danced a little while we were walking by the Riverside Park and me "stalking them" through the cracks of the bridge over Ganaraska River. This particular spot opens up quite the industrial look of the town.

Then we crossed the bridge over Ganaraska River which is where my favourite views of downtown is. This little spot is very iconic image of  Port Hope. It’s the most amazing in the summer time when the warm sunshine makes the colours of all the old buildings pop.


Carla, Josh and I hoped all the way back to the Local No90. We wanted to take a little break from all the walking and wait until the sun sets down a little. The lovely bar owner made us some drinks while the lovely couples and I were chilling.

Once the sun went down, Carla changed into a lovely black dress and we went to see the lights of Capitol Theatre.


With Jim's Pizza behind us and pretty streets of downtown and sounds of the river around the corner it felt like we were in an old black an white Italian movie. At least that's how I feel looking back at these photos.


If you want to see specifically the places I have mentioned just click on the descriptions of them below and the magical click will take you on a tour =)
Optimist park
John Street, Port Hope

Carlyle Hotel

Riverside Park

Walk over the bridge

Local No90

Capitol Theatre