Hi, I'm Mira 

And this is my Ukrainian family affected by the war in need of your help

After running for 2 months my family finally got to Canada. 

My whole life is now changed.

I support my 8 family members.

But I can't do this alone.

If you wish to help someone affected by the brutal war in Ukraine  - my family is in a very real need.

They lost everything in a matter of days.

Their normal life is gone. 

I have 4 children and 4 adults to feed and clothe.

I'm helping them to adjust with to life in Canada.

Now it's up to me to take care of them.

If you wish to contribute in any way - it would mean a lot to my family and help in a very real way.

You can find out how you can help in the link below.

Find out how to support, donate and contact me below

Support my Ukrainian Family in Colborne / Hamilton 

Hey! I'm Mira. I am a Ukrainian living in Canada.

The war in Ukraine has forced my family to flee their home.

So now my life is about taking care of my family.


Eight members of my family have been on the run from the war

for 2 months. It was a brutal and exhausting journey - looking for shelter and help, battling with visa process, running away from danger and relying on strangers kindness.

They lost everything.

Now they are relying on their only relative here in Canada. 


How big is the family?

I have total of 8 family members that we managed to rescue from the war. My parents, three siblings, two of my sisters children and her husband.

4 members of my family ( my parents and two siblings) are now living with me in Colborne.

My oldest sister and her family (her two children and husband) are living in Hamilton with a close family friend.


But what now?

We don't know for sure.

But we do know we need to help them.

It's not easy to rebuild and adjust to a new life in a new country.


While they are recovering from impossible stress, grief and adjusting to the life in Canada I have to support them.  The responsibility for their living expenses is ultimately on me and my husband Ethan. Living expenses, housing, medical expenses and more. Imagine feeding, clothing and health care for 8 people when you are only used to taking for 2. 


What do we need?
I would like to ask for support on monthly basis. I want to surround my family with care and I believe that a small community can do that. 
My goal is to ask a group of people to contribute on a monthly basis. My goal is to reach $5000 a month to support the living and medical expenses of family of 8. Commitment of 6 months. Or whatever you can.

The donations can be small from individuals. Like $20-$200. If enough people contribute - it will be enough to create a safe net to support my family while they get up on their feet.




You can do one time donation. Everything helps!

If you are up for this I have a form below to sign up or simply reach out and contact me though my email or phone number below!


Monthly support - Sign up here

You can see how to transfer money below =)

Thank you!

One time D0nation







Note for PayPal - if you wish to donate over 900CAD please split them into payments under 500CAD each 



can be mailed to address below:

Volodymyra Garmazonova (my fancy legal name)

26 Division St

Colborne ON 

K0K 1S0 



Below is a link to a GiveSendGo -

fundraiser website if you prefer to use 

Give Send Go 

Thank you!