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When you look back on the happiest day of your life
you want to remember how you felt.
The laughter. The tears. The intimacy.
You look back at what you have experienced.

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this is Mira 

Photographer | Artist


More about me

Photo by Anna Belous

My name is Mira Knott and I’m the creator of the Knott Studio.
Born and raised among Ukrainian fields and forests.
Now based in Port Hope, Canada. Discovering my beautiful town and nature of Ontario.
Capturing stories for 4 years.

Madly in love with my husband and creating beautiful things.



Mira is someone who works with excellence. She has the ability of bringing dreams, ideas and vision to life. You can definitely trust her!

Gina Borger


Knott Studio consistently does excellent, beautiful work with professional standards. Mira is amazing to work with, perfection is key and you will not get anything less.

Oksana Slade


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