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Ciena Miller

Mira was absolutely amazing! She made everything so easy and really got to know us. Mira arrived early to the location to discover good spots for pictures! She got along with everyone so well and not only captured natural pictures but also guided us how to pose! Our pictures turned out exactly how we had dreamed of! 100% recommend!!

Luke Household 

I super love our pictures! Even though we haven't had a shoot before I can totally see our personalities come through in the photos. There's fun ones and sweet ones! These are just so great!

a little about


this is Mira 

Photographer | Artist


Hi, I'm Mira.


My full name is too hard to pronounce.

In fact I have many versions of it in my passport. 


I get excited about silly little things like

romantic comedies, dachshunds and pretty flowers.


I've lived in Canada for a while now but I still think of lake Ontario as a sea.


I love photographing couples because I love the cheesy romance. Also there is no such thing as too cheesy.


I'm based in Cobourg, Port Hope area.But I will come to you anywhere you are!