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When you look back on the happiest day of your life
you want to remember how you felt.
The laughter. The tears. The intimacy.
You look back at what you have experienced.


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a little about


this is Mira 

Photographer | Artist


Photo by Anna Belous

My name is Mira Knott and I’m the creator of the Knott Studio.
I am a wedding photographer based in Northumberland, Canada.
I capture stories of love and adventure.
Born and raised among Ukrainian fields and forests. Now exploring Canada.
Capturing stories for 4 years.

Madly in love with my husband and creating beautiful things.


Ciena Miller | 01.12.19

Mira was absolutely amazing! She made everything so easy and really got to know us. Mira arrived early to the location to discover good spots for pictures! She got along with everyone so well and not only captured natural pictures but also guided us how to pose! Our pictures turned out exactly how we had dreamed of! 100% recommend!!

Luke Household | 05.15.18

I super love our pictures! Even though we haven't had a shoot before I can totally see our personalities come through in the photos. There's fun ones and sweet ones! These are just so great!

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